Clothiers Seminar 2022


Come and be inspired by many fine instructors who will help you learn how to research, plan, and construct fine and wondrous raiment! Don’t know what time period interests you most? Explore the fashions of many places and times. Don’t know how to sew? We will have a class for that! Even if you aren’t interested in sewing, you can learn more about historical clothing and possibly even connect with someone who can help you achieve the sort of clothing you are interested in wearing.

Walk Through History

-15th Century Clothing Display

-Instructor Registration and Class Schedule (including 15th Century and Military Tracks)

-Guardian of the Arts:  Arts & Sciences Competition for GoA/Peers in A&S

-Merchant Registration and List (no merchant fees)

-Volunteers:  Help wanted!

­­­­­­­­­­­­Site will open at 8am and close at 7pm. Adult event registration (18 and over): $15. Adult Member Discount Registration $10. Youths 12-17: $5. Children under 12: Free. Make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Shire of Cúm an Iolair. Preregistration is encouraged, but not required.

A lunch inn will be available on site, with details updated on the event website on menu items and pricing. As in previous years, instructors will receive a complimentary Meal Deal from the inn.

Directions: From I-70 in Independence, take the S Noland Rd exit and head North for 3 blocks, to East 39th St. Take a right on 39th, drive for 5 blocks, and the church will be on the left.

Event Steward
HL Adelaide Sarsfield
Lee Waldack

Lord Randr Tokeson
Anthony Golden

Inn Steward
HL Fiona nic Gormlaitha
Jane Nichols

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