Feast Menu

Hello everyone! There’s a wonderful FEAST at Feast of Eagles this year! I am your friendly neighborhood feast-o-crat and to that end, here is the menu:

To sip during your meal – ice water and Potus Ypocras (a spiced white grape juice)

First Course
* Fruits
* Soft Cheese
* Homemade Bread
* Various Butters

Second Course
* Flampoyntes – a pork pie
* Odessa Style Mushrooms – a creamy, cheesy dish of mushrooms and onions
* Honeyed CarrotsThird Course
* Beef Meatballs
* Cepa Sub Cinere – broasted onions
* Herbed Salad w/various dressings

Fourth Course
* Cinnamon and Sugar Fine Cakes
* A Lovely Custard
* Baked Peaches

Does this sound amazing, but you need gluten-free consideration? Or do you have any questions? Please email me at t(dot)wisebaker(at)hotmail.com. Thanks! Can’t wait to feed you! ☺️