Clothiers Seminar 2021 – Virtual Walk Through History

One of the highlights of Clothiers Seminar is the Walk Through History fashion show…a survey of historical fashion from early to late SCA period. Unlike previous years where participants walked the “runway” in the site’s Common Area, this will be a VIRTUAL fashion show, recorded and edited in advance using your entries and premiered during the lunch break between the morning and afternoon class sessions.

Who gets to participate in the Walk Through History? YOU DO! If you have been filling your time during the pandemic creating historical clothing, or have had some historical clothing made for you, we would like for you to show it off during the Walk Through History! It doesn’t have to be fancy court garb, either…we are interested in seeing garb from all SCA-relevant places, times, and social classes!

You can sign up to participate in the Walk Through History in advance by signing up online and uploading a 30-second video (landscape format) of you modeling your garb.

During the virtual Walk, we will provide the narration and mention who you are, what time and place your garb is from, who made the garb, and any other details you’d like to share.

Click here to fill out the information form and upload your video!