Classes, Feast of Eagles 2022

How To Run a List
Instructors:  HL Ysabel de la Oya & Mistress Dorcas Whitecap
Time/Location: 9:30-10:30am, Classroom A

Description:  Ever wanted to be a list minister or list herald but never knew where to start?  This class will show you how to run a double elimination, single elimination, round robin, and bear pit.  Ysabel will teach the list side and Dorcas will teach the herald side.  A combined class will give each student a complete picture of how the list minister and herald works together.

Weaving Roundtable
Host:  HRH Ylva
Time/Location: 10:30-11:30am, Classroom B

HRH Ylva invites weavers from across the kingdom to join her in a roundtable to discuss the topics related to weaving.

Cheese & Butter Making for Kids
Instructor:  Lady Síle inghean Chairbre
Time/Location: 1-2pm, Classroom B

Description:  Kids and their trusted grown ups with learn to make a simple cheese and “churn” (shake a jar) their own butter. This class is for ages 6-18 plus a “special guest” (required trusted adult to help supervise) of attendees under the age of 12. Butter and cheese will be served at the Royal Tea.

Making tools for Repousse and Chasing
Instructor:  Alan Smyith of Darkdale
Time/Location: 2-3pm, Classroom A

How to Play Bocce
Instructors:  Lord Otto Augustin and HL Jane Fox of Foxhall
Time/Location: 1:58pm, outside on the lawn
Description: Two minutes to learn…a lifetime of fun to follow!  Learn the ancient game enjoyed by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and still enjoyed today!  Once you have mastered the basics (which takes approximately two minutes), test out your new skills in the Bocce Tournament!

Description:  One hour discussion, demo, etc. for making basic punches. Shapes, materials, and heat treatment will be covered in this one hour class. We can also discuss tools for hammer and chisel engraving if the class desires.

Oh My! A Crown! What do I do???
Instructor:  Lady Síle inghean Chairbre KMoY
Time/Location: 2-3pm, Classroom B

Description:  Learn the meanings of the crowns and coronets seen in Calontir, the proper titles to use, and the etiquette one should display when encountering someone with a “shiny hat.” Geared towards our youngest Calontiri but all ages welcome (5 and under must be accompanied by a trusted grown up).

Royal Tea
Instructor:  Lady Síle inghean Chairbre Kingdom MoY
Time/Location: 3-4pm, Classroom B

Description:  Youth of Calontir and an adult of their choice are invited to join us in hosting a tea for Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses during Feast of Eagles. An assortment of treats and drinks will be served as we practice our courtly graces. 

Marriage & Divorce in Abbasid Persia
Instructor: THL Vashti al-Ashsriyah
Time/Location: 3-4pm, Classroom A
Description: A look at how marriages were arranged, women’s rights within marriage, and reasons for divorce in 10th-13th century Persia.