Feast of Eagles – Fighting


9a-10a:  Authorizations and Inspections

10a-11a:  Man at Arms Tourney – Round Robin or Double Elimination depending on number of fighters.

1p-3p:  Three Man Tourney – Double Elimination – using best weapon systems.  


Cut and Thrust:

Please recall the new hand protection rules will be in effect at this event; rigid hand protection if any 2-handers are on the field, and padded otherwise. (See the letter from the Kingdom C&T Marshal at http://calontirct.calontir.org/)

If you will be bringing rigid gauntlets, it would be appreciated if you weigh them in advance and bring the recorded weight to add to our data points.


10am: Inspections and Authorizations

11am: C&T Experimental Melee:

Ideally, if enough potential participants have rigid hand protection, we will run at least a few rounds of melees allowing 2-handed weapons. If there are a significant number of eligible fighters (1+ year authorized C&T) who wish to participate and do not have rigid hand protection, we may disallow 2-handers for a number of the passes so that more fighters may participate.

12pm: Lunch

1pm: Bar Brawl:

A series of themed mini-tournaments. An example would include having to hold a mug of water in the off-hand, and minimize loss of liquid.

3pm: Shark Pit:

Bear pit, but loser stays in. Open weapon system, but once you’re in the pit, you keep whatever weapon you went in with.