Feast of Eagles 2021 A&S Competition: Your Personal Feast

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  • Categories:
    • On Campaign-As simple as a single person, “on campaign,” so to speak, relaxing with a linen-wrapped bundle of bread, cheese, grapes… which would be great for that on-the-go warrior in all of us! (Note:  Not limited to just one person, it could be an “army” of friends, all with wrapped bundles of yumminess)
    • Grand Feast-As grand as a large canvas pavilion, set up on the side of the tournament field, so that the “feasters” could have a front-row view of the tournaments all day long, as they graze on a menu that would make Their Majesties jealous!
    • History Personified-You and your group have just walked right out of a painting or illumination!  Providing a clear image so viewers could compare it to your presentation is very helpful, for this one.
    • Populace Vote-Everyone votes for their favorite display.
  • No Documentation Required
  • Grill Space Available
  • Judging to be performed from 10 ft away, using the age-old “SCA 10 ft Rule”
  • Judges:
    • HL Adelaide Sarsfield
    • Maestra Giraude Benet
    • HL Fiona nic Gormlaitha

In addition, we will be taking photos to post, so please have ways to conceal any non-historically-looking items for the photo. Please note by entering this competition, you are consenting to share pictures of your spread on SCA Websites and Social Media.

Preregistration for this competition is required, and closes on Sunday, 7/25/21.