2018 Feast of Eagles Classes

Scheduled Classes so far for Feast of Eagles.

What the HMS Mary Rose Has Taught Us
– HL John Bowyer
-This is a class about King Henry VIIs warship the Mary Rose. The discussion will cover the construction, redevelopment, and sinking of the Mary Rose. Additionally, the finds from the Mary Rose will be discussed.

Make-A-Map: An Introduction to Cartography
-Lord Hugo van Harlo
-We will begin the class with an introduction to the principles that make for good maps along with a brief history of cartography from the Hellenistic period through the Renaissance. From there, attendees will have the opportunity to create their own map with provided materials. Requested materials donation of $3.

The Culture of Cooking
-HL Ysabel de la Oya
-A look at the cultural, religious, legal, economic, and “scientific” factors that shaped how the medieval person ate.

Roman Clocks and Calendars
-HL Lorraine Devereaux
-We will look at how did the Romans measured time, what kind of clocks they used, how their calendar evolved, and how medieval Europe inherited the Rome’s time conventions.

Build Your Own Bird of Prey
-HL Fiondel Songspinner
Children’s Activity: We will create paper falcons to be kept by the kids! Come to “Feast of Eagles, go home with your own ‘Bird of Prey!”

Tapestry Weaving
-HL Vashti al-A’sar
-Demo in tapestry weaving techniques used in Eastern Persia and Central Asia. Four sampler size looms and yarn will be available for people to play with.